Make Them Pay: Guerrilla Tactics for the Cultural War

Originally published at American Thinker March 6, 2013

In a recent article I discussed the media threat to our democracy. A lot of people have been writing on this topic lately. It is obvious to most everyone that the mainstream media is a clear and present danger to our nation’s future. This is more than merely “A Slobbering Love Affair,” as described by Jonah Goldberg in his book subtitled: The True (And Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media. No. The blind and rabid media support and political activism for their de-facto socialist party and president is the singlemost significant contributor to our social destruction.

The World as it Should Be

In her speech at the 2008 Democratic Convention, Michelle parroted a recurring Obama theme,

“All of us driven by a simple belief that the world as it is just won’t do – that we have an obligation to fight for the world as it should be.”

This Saul Alinsky sentiment pervades leftist thinking. The World as it Should Be is the prime motivator of the socialist movement. Forward! To Utopia! When candidate Barack Hussein Obama shouted to his ecstatic followers, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America!” this is what he meant. Everyone must conform to the requirements of the socialist state in order to make The World as it Should Be.

The progressive left has a vision for how America should be and they are using their considerable media power to lull and compel us into accepting their collectivist ideology. The media are actively defining and disseminating our culture, pulling us hard to the left — and it’s working for them.

The Media Attack on Christianity

Not content with their assault on the American socioeconomic system and culture, the progressives are warring against Jesus Christ. This has reached an intolerable level, even in a secular nation that believes strongly in First Amendment principles of free speech and freedom of religion.

The Los Angeles Times said ““DJesus Uncrossed” may have crossed the line, with some calling it the single most offensive skit in “Saturday Night Live” history.” That’s putting it mildly. Even the haute liberal Huffington Post asked, “Did “Djesus Uncrossed” go too far?” I won’t go into detail about the horrific blasphemy of the SNL skit. But it is enough for me to boycott their sponsors forever.

“A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God’s truth is attacked and yet would remain silent.”       John Calvin

Who sponsors NBC’s Saturday Night Live? Boycott them. If a 13-year old girl can petition NBC to stop this horror and boycott their sponsors I can do no less. Bless you, Jennifer and Chloe. Sears pulled their sponsorship and good for them. I’m sure the media suits at Rockefeller Plaza took notice — for about three seconds. Other advertisers have already filled the gap.

The progressive media attack on Christianity has surpassed my ability to remain forgiving of fools that know not what they do. They know exactly what they’re doing. Damn them. And it is time to make them pay for it.

Follow the Money 

MSM Logo Art 1Consumer media companies are among the wealthiest in the world. Their principal source of income? Advertising revenues. Media companies make billions of dollars advertising products that you and I buy every day. NBCUniversal alone grossed over twenty billion dollars in 2011 — more than the combined state budget expenditures for Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, and New Hampshire.

We are the source of the vast wealth the media companies use to produce their programming, including the mainstream media news programs. They get their money from us. We are paying these companies to abuse us and destroy everything we hold dear. Who are they? According to Douglas A. McIntrye of 24/7Wall St. the top 10 Companies that Control the News are:

Media Company

Total Combined Audience, Million

1. CBS


2. Comcast


3. Walt Disney Co.


4. Time Warner


5. News Corp


6. Gannett


7. Hearst Corporation


8. National Public Radio


9. Cox Media Group


10. Washington Post


These rankings consider company revenues, market outlets (print, TV, radio) and audience reach. But the combined audience figures are extraordinary. The most powerful media company, CBS, reaches over 130 million people every day — well over a third of our population of 314 million citizens. What a powerful influence CBS news has on us.

How objective and unbiased is CBS? Recommended reading is Bernard Goldberg’s New York Times bestseller: BIAS, A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News. Goldberg worked at CBS for 30 years and knows the news media business inside and out. CBS is renowned for its extreme liberal, anti-American, anti-Christian bias and programming.

Do these giant media corporations need more power? The Obama administration thinks so. It is proposing FCC rule changes to allow these powerful media companies to get even bigger and have even more control over our media choices. Under Obama, the problem is getting worse, not better.

Make Them Pay

We need a strong, determined, economic boycott of all businesses that support progressive anti-American, anti-Christian programming. We must pledge to stop purchasing products and services offered by sponsors of offending programs from ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, NPR, and other liberal media. In our pledge we will promise on our sacred honor never to purchase another product or service from the offending company for the rest of our lives.

We need to establish non-profit organizations with web sites that offer downloadable suggested letters, petitions, group action plans and lists of offending businesses and products that are to be boycotted.

I Pledge 

This model pledge can be sent to the commercial sponsors of the offending news service or program.

Because of your sponsorship of offensive media programming I pledge on my honor that I will never purchase another product or service from (name of company/sponsor) for the rest of my life.

I further pledge that I will enlist my family members, friends, co-workers, and everyone I know, to join me in boycotting your company forever. It is time to make you pay for what you have done to us and to America.

Guerrilla Boycotting Made EasyDissent Patriot

The sentiment for boycotting the progressive media is strong and growing. It is an effective action that will work if we do this together and doggedly stay with it.

The Miami Tea Party has a pdf list of sponsors for offensive NBC, ABC and CBS news programs. It’s not a comprehensive list but it does have useful contact information for those of us who want to give these SOBs an earful.

Here is a boycott roster that lists the advertisers’ offenses. This list surprised me, but I now know where to avoid buying gasoline, clothes and shoes. He also provides a list of alternative companies to support, like Chick-fil-A, Hobby Lobby, Petsmart, Wendy’s and Coors. I definitely want to support Coors.

The NRA-ILA publishes a list of anti-gun lobbying organizations. You might be surprised to find who is working against your Constitutional second amendment rights, and you should let them know you’re not happy about what they are doing.

The Power of Money and Image

Do economic boycotts work? Yes. Those that are engaged by a large number of determined people do work. Braydon King, in his paper The Tactical Disruptiveness of Social Movements: Sources of Market and Mediated Disruption in Corporate Boycotts, studied the effects of social movements and their ability to influence a target company’s activities. King discovered two forms of disruption: damage to the target’s market share (market disruption), and damage to the target’s image and reputation (media disruption).

King found that the two forms of disruption were interrelated and that, while large companies could endure a short term direct market attack with little permanent damage, sustained pressure did disrupt the target’s market share and image — often resulting in modifying the target’s behavior.

The principal factor for success? Not surprisingly, it’s how much media attention the boycott target receives. The bigger the company, the more adverse it is to negative media. Will the media report on successful boycotts of their sponsors? Not a chance. So our goal must be market disruption: to impact the target companies so that the loss of market share is too high for them to ignore. Hit them in the wallet — hard. Bleed them.

Turning a Guerrilla movement into a Social Movement

I like Dawn dishwashing detergent. It’s great stuff. But Dawn is a sponsor of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Dawn also sponsored an MSNBC Chris Matthews hit piece on the Tea Party. As a guerrilla boycotter I’m going to have to buy alternative products. And I’ve got to let Dawn and Proctor & Gamble know why I will never buy Dawn again. But my solo guerrilla act is a drop in the bucket. We need a national social movement of committed conservative patriots to bring these media companies down.

The most successful economic boycotts in history have been by large and determined social movements that prosecuted their grievances over time. This will happen if we harness the enormous economic power of patriotic families, the Tea Party movement and the internet.

Maybe we can get Bill Whittle to make an Afterburner video to help launch the movement. I’ll bet my favorite media YouTuber, Joe Dan Gorman, will make an Intellectual Froglegs video to help the cause. He’s already advanced similar ideas, as has Whittle. How about projects by the Tea Party Community, Tea Party Nation and the Tea Party Tribune? FreeRepublic, Town Hall, Lucianne, Breitbart and a gazillion other conservative web sites could make this a powerful and long lasting social movement, perhaps analogous to Breitbart is Here.

The time for guerrilla cultural war is now. The targets are in our sights and our course of action is clear. Our children’s future depends on what we do today. If the media progressives want a culture war, let’s give them one. 

J.T. Hatter is the author of Lost in Zombieland: The Rise of President Zero, a political satire on the Obama administration.  J.T. can be reached at


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