Is it Still 1984?

NSA Surveillance Van

Originally Published at American Thinker Which of the latest Obama scandals annoys you the most? Me, I haven’t gotten over Obamacare yet. Or the Sandy Hook attack on the Second Amendment. But lately my money’s on the Big Brother scandal. That bothers me a lot. It’s 2013 and we’re sliding back to 1984. Big Brother [...]

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Make Them Pay: Guerrilla Tactics for the Cultural War

MSM Logo Art 1

Originally published at American Thinker March 6, 2013 In a recent article I discussed the media threat to our democracy. A lot of people have been writing on this topic lately. It is obvious to most everyone that the mainstream media is a clear and present danger to our nation’s future. This is more than [...]

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The Media Threat to Democracy


Originally published on American Thinker  February 26, 2013  Ann Coulter, in a recent Kudlow Report, enraged the punditry by suggesting that the mainstream media was a threat to democracy. “I mean, you really wonder if Democrats would win any elections if we had an honest media in this country,” Coulter said. “As Pat Caddell says, [...]

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Inaugural Speech by the New Speaker of the House


Published Originally at American Thinker  December 14, 2012 Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, fellow congressmen and women, and my fellow citizens. I’m pleased to take up the gavel as your new Majority Leader and Speaker of the House of Representatives. I wish my predecessor best wishes as he resumes his duties as a member of [...]

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Can ObamaCare Be Stopped? AT Version

States on Medicaid Expansion Map

Originally Published at American Thinker  December 18, 2012  The presidential election of 2012 has guaranteed that ObamaCare will not be repealed anytime soon.  But most Americans still want to see the Affordable Care Act (ACA) overturned or severely curtailed.  What are our options going forward? Speaker of the House John Boehner recently declared that “ObamaCare [...]

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Boehner’s Boners


Originally Published at American Thinker  November 12, 2012 What’s up with John Boehner?  Has he lost his mind or something?  There are a lot of conservatives that think he’s gone around the bend.  He’s done precious little to convince anyone otherwise.  He sounds more like a Democrat than a Republican these days, and he’s giving [...]

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Message to the Republican Party: Believe it or Not


Originally Posted on American Thinker  November 30, 2012 Bill Whittle has been making the rounds with the observation that the Republican Party doesn’t believe its own message, and this is one of the main reasons we lost the election. The idea is that Republicans make a show of being conservative, but don’t demonstrate a true [...]

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Originally published at American Thinker  November 22, 2012 At the outbreak of hostilities with the British in 1776, Captain John Paul Jones, in command of the Providence, wrecked the enemy fishing industry in Nova Scotia and captured sixteen prize British vessels. In 1777 and 1778 he captained the Ranger and raided along the English coast, [...]

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America Discovers the Republicans

Republican Convention

Originally published at American Thinker  October 31, 2012 Obama decided early in his re-election campaign to destroy his opponent, Mitt Romney.  The Democratic Party’s mud-slinging ads, and the mainstream media newscasts, relentlessly painted Romney as an evil conservative who looks down on the 47% of Americans who receive government benefits.  Romney was a wealthy industrialist who [...]

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Mitt’s Pumpkin Patch We can expect big bad October Surprises to erupt across the media in the next two weeks. But what’s it going to be: war in the Middle East, a bimbo eruption, more on Bain Capital? Something worse? The Democrats are cornered and desperate. They’re upside down in the polls and losing ground [...]

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