John Thompson Hatter is a natural born American citizen and can prove it. He spent many of his formative years living in Europe and has traveled the world. He has seen first hand the consequences of socialist and Sharia government and pacified societies. J.T. is a strong believer in America’s First Principles: limited government, personal responsibility, liberty, free enterprise and religious freedom. J.T. believes that most problems can be solved with love and judicious application of the Golden Rule. He has lived in most parts of the United States and makes his home in Dixie.  His hobbies include scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, chess, martial arts, yoga, hiking, nature, shooting sports, and writing books like this one.

J.T. Hatter Q&A

1. What inspired you to write this book?

Watching the United States of America go to hell in a handbasket since LBJ’s Great Society got under way. I love America. I love everything about it. Americans are the greatest people in the world. The underlying problems in this country are crystal clear to most of us, but solving them is going to be painful and difficult. Politicians don’t want to face the consequences of the problems they’ve created. They want to tax and spend some more. Their constituents don’t want any changes either. The hardest thing to change is the status quo. It always is. The people resisting reform are fighting tooth and nail to keep things the way they are: heading toward a European-style socialist state. That’s going to bring the country crashing down hard on the rest of us.

The United States is at war and doesn’t seem to realize it. There is a moral war between Judeo-Christian values and the secular humanist agenda, an ideological culture war between the progressive left and the conservative right, a hostile cold war between International socialism and American capitalism, and there is the war between Islam and all other religions and cultures. America is swimming in war and conflict. Instead of fighting our wars, we’ve gone shopping. And it’s costing us everything we hold dear.

I’m convinced, however, that we can throw off the ideological blinders and shackles of the progressive left, and restore what made America the greatest nation on earth: our founding principles. The USA is at the tipping point right now. I wrote this book as a wake-up call and to help tip us back in the right direction.

2. How did you go about writing Lost in Zombieland?

I’ve observed that every presidential administration has its own peculiar language. Each administration does interesting things to words and phrases to twist and torture new meanings out of ordinary language. Every administration does this. They call it spin. It’s actually propaganda and deception. But it is interesting to observe the way politicians go about consolidating and growing their power, and it is fascinating to study the special words and phrases that each administration comes up with to advance their deceptions.

I began filling a notebook with the new words and phrases emanating from the Obama administration. I knew it was going to be a socialist agitprop gold mine. I filled up an entire notebook in less than a year. I studied the words and phrases to see if I could find any patterns. They are everywhere. They leap out at you. And, they’re very disturbing.

The Obama administration has been so paranoid about concealing its  socialist agenda that it has been forced to come up with an entirely new genre of doublespeak. I call it Unicorn. They’ve gone to outrageous lengths to hide what they are actually doing. The American people wouldn’t stand for it. So they say things that are polar opposites of what they mean, just to throw people off the track. Lying is the norm. Virtually every statement from this administration is doublespeak. But you don’t listen to what they say. You carefully watch what they do, you follow the money and you parse their official statements.

For example, an act of Islamic terrorism can no longer be called what it is. That would point blame at the Islamists who are killing people. Janet Napolitano despises the word terrorism so she came up with the term “man–caused disaster”. What the heck is that? War is now called a “time-limited, scope-limited military action”. A military raid on a foreign nation is a “kinetic action”. Printing money and creating a fiat currency is called “quantitative easing”. A major screw-up is a “teachable moment.” A “pivot” is when a lie is exposed and someone has to “walk it back” to establish a more tenable position. A “bailout” is using taxpayer money to cover up private sector criminality or to engage in a fascist government takeover. “Reform” or “fairness” means taking money from producers and giving it to parasites. “Social justice” means any anti-white policy the administration wants to engage in. A child molester it is called a “minor–attracted person”. Abortion, condoms, the pill and abortifacients are called “women’s health issues.”

This is George Orwell’s 1984 doublespeak with Big Brother watching you. It’s here. Right now.

In addition to the questionable word usage there are a lot of recurring themes. Most of them are very disturbing. You’ll find some of them in the book. They include: a militant anti-white, anti-Christian bias; socialist wealth distribution; an extreme distaste for the Constitution and Bill of Rights; a complete disregard for the rule of law; the profligate use of public funds for political or personal purposes; indifference to the separation of powers; a conviction that the USA is evil and that socialist revolution is the only cure for America. This administration evidences an extraordinary disdain for national sovereignty, patriotism, the legislative process, states rights, the Bill of Rights, objective reality and all things American. To the Obama administration, America is the enemy.

After about a year of collecting notes and fretting over this mess I decided to write Lost in Zombieland.

3.0 Was Lost in Zombieland fun to write?

It was a blast. Just consider the subject matter and the characters involved. The book practically wrote itself. Besides my notebook I also collected news articles about the Obama administration. I have thousands of articles on my computers. It was easy to do. There are always 10 to 20 scandals going on at any given time in the Obama administration. Every week there’s a fresh crop of new scandals. There has never been this much corruption and scandal in an administration in American history. I believe there were two scandals during the entire eight years of the George Bush administration—and the Valerie Plame kerfuffle was trumped up by the news media. I think Bill Clinton (who I call Bill Clitman in the book) had about five scandals going at any given time during his tenure. Some of them were very serious. They never saw the light of day. Monica Lewinski and Trent Lott saved his presidency.

But the current administration makes Bill Clinton’s seem like the work of a church diocese. No administration in history has ever compared to Obama’s for comic value and corruption. If you took all of the presidents in the entire history of our nation—235 years worth of it—and combined all their bad decisions and destructiveness, it would not compare to what Obama has done in just four years. The sheer destructiveness of this administration is mind-boggling. This administration is characterized by farce and tragedy. The best way for me to tell this story was through satire. It’s a very funny book, but it is also the most serious book that you can imagine.

4.0 Did you use any insider sources?

Yes. Some important ones, but not many. I’m not plugged into the Washington establishment. But I did receive some information about the administration’s activities that blew my mind. It is inconceivable what these guys have been up to. It’s far worse than Tammany Hall,  Teapot Dome or Watergate. I haven’t revealed everything in Lost in Zombieland and don’t know if I ever will.

5.0 Where in the world did you get the idea for the cover?

It’s a very common and popular image. The Obama Joker face first appeared in 2009 during the national protests against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. I think Nancy Pelosi must name all Democratic Party bills in Congress. It’s a very Kafkaesque name: pure political propaganda with no resemblance to what the law is actually about. You have to pass it to see what’s inside it.  The great majority of the American people was—and continues to be—strongly opposed to the legislation. When it became clear that Obama didn’t care what the American people wanted, and that he had the political power in Congress to force it down our throats, the American people began to protest in some very clever ways.

The Obama Joker face sprouted up first in Los Angeles. A student in the midwest made the Joker face in a graphics arts class and posted it on his Flickr page. Someone took it off the Flickr page and made posters with ‘socialism’ and other things printed under the Joker face. The image went viral almost immediately. You saw Obama Joker faces on protest signs and banners, on web sites, handbill flyers, bumper stickers, tee-shirts and buttons, on everything—all across the nation. You even saw them in foreign countries like Japan and Germany.  Web pages and blogs ran contests, to see how creatively and abundantly people could reproduce and distribute the Obama Joker face. Liberals went ballistic. It was hysterical. It was entirely spontaneous. The Joker face spoke to Americans in ways that are not easy to describe. It meant different things to different people. But the Obama Joker face image has had a profound effect on the political dialogue. It was a clear representation of what most Americans thought of Obama and his Obamacare. And it continues to express what the majority of Americans think of Obama today.

The Obama Joker face is a tremendously popular image—nationally and internationally. When I decided to write the book I knew what the cover had to be. The Joker face works on so many levels. It would take far too long to go into all of them in this interview. But if you look at the face, and the man behind the mask, you’ll very quickly realize that the image is so appropriate, on so many levels, and that yes America: the joke is on us.

6.0 Are you optimistic about America’s future?

I’m extremely optimistic about our future. Americans are not like Europeans, Asians and others who have been conditioned over centuries to believe that they must be ruled by an elite class. We established this nation to be governed by the consent and will of the people. In order to achieve this wonderful dream of freedom we had to overcome an oppressive regime and the most powerful military in the world. Great Britain threw everything they had at us. We won that impossible war and we will overcome our own malaise in this self-inflicted Zombie War. It won’t be easy and it won’t happen overnight. But it will happen.

I’m supremely confident that the free men and women in America will fight for our freedom and liberty. It’s already happening. Americans have always made whatever sacrifice was needed to secure freedom and liberty, even for other peoples. And now the Tree of Liberty requires refreshment once again. America will return to prosperity and spiritual power when the majority of Americans want to return to a representative republic—one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Thank you, Mr. Hatter.

My pleasure.

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