…is what the political left has made out of the most prosperous, generous, religious, and successful society in the history of the human race. The wealthiest nation in the world is over fifteen trillion dollars in debt due to liberal government spending. The Land of Liberty lost its freedom of speech—unique in the world—to political correctness and progressive censorship. The political dialogue is mean-spirited and deceptive. Many Americans have turned their backs on God and fundamental norms for morality.  The Greatest Nation on Earth has become an unfamiliar, strange place…a zombieland. J.T. Hatter pondered over how this unbelievable mess came about. Everywhere he went in this wonderful country he found that the nation had been fundamentally transformed by progressive politics. He felt like a stranger in a strange land…he was…lost in zombieland. And so he wrote a book about it.

What Lost in Zombieland is about:

  • Lost in Zombieland is a withering satire on the fallacies and failures of the Obama administration.
  • The scenes and action are largely derived from actual events and published quotes.
  • You will recognize the strange world inhabited by the Omeba zombies and it will shock you. It is your world. Today. Now.

What Lost in Zombieland is not about:

  • Racism or hate speech of any kind
  • Slander, polemics or libel


  • One who has political beliefs motivated by social image.
  • One who refuses to make political decisions independent of the media.
  • Obama Zombies present themselves as very political.

Jill is an Obama Zombie. She threw out her Lysol spray and bought expensive eco-friendly cleaner. Now she doesn’t feel guilty. She has one Che Guevara shirt, one Obama shirt, and one Gandhi shirt, all three made in China.

– www.urbandictionary.com (prior to the hack)

Bob Hope defines zombies in The Ghost Breakers (1940).

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